The Filmmakers


Stu Maddux is a freelance producer/director, writer/editor with national credits who has become a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker.

His films include the critically-acclaimed Bob and Jack’s 52-Year Adventure about an Army sergeant who began an affair with his commanding officer in 1952. The two men came out to the troops in their unit and are still together a half-century later.

It was through his long hours spent with Bob Claunch and Jack Reavley that Maddux became keenly interested in the struggles of older LGBT people. More at


Joseph Applebaum is a line producer and executive-in-charge of production with more than twenty years of experience in the national entertainment industry.His clients have included: Buena Vista Entertainment, Merv Griffin Entertainment, Comedy Central, Lifetime, CBS and FOX networks.

Joseph is a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinema and is a native of Mill Valley, California.

He is an openly gay man who has returned to his home town to care for an aging mother with Alzheimer’s Disease.


Catherine Cox provides research and logistical support for production and our outreach efforts.She has also become a creative sounding board through her experience as a transgender woman, who at 57, became the primary caregiver to her father while she was making her transition.

Catherine offers her experience after a lifetime of service as a specialist for the Social Security Administration.


Barrie Atkin brings more than 20 years experience solving funding challenges in large and small organizations. Ms. Atkin has held senior executive positions in direct and consumer marketing, business planning and new business development and has consulted to more than 100 organizations.

As a lesbian woman who served as a caregiver  for her late partner during 7 years of cancer treatments, she cares passionately about the issues explored in Gen Silent.  Barrie now deals with the geriatric issues faced by her parents who are in their nineties.

Ms. Atkin holds a BA, cum laude, from Brown University, a MS Ed from the University of Pennsylvania , an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Certificate in Professional Fundraising.